Terms & Conditions

This Terms of Business applies to supply & fit of used and reconditioned engines:-

1. To repair or to estimate the cost of repairs, Apex Engines accepts the vehicles. The entire contract between the company and the customer is made up by the Terms of Conditions. The Customer's Statutory Rights remains unaffected by these Terms of Business. Until unless confirmed in written and duly signed by the manager or the representative of the company, no alteration to these Terms of Business shall be considered valid. This contract shall not be affected by any Terms and Conditions referred to or supplied by the customer.

2. Our quoted price to you for fitting an engine is without dismantling the engine for detailed inspection, thus it will be an approximation of the cost likely to incur on supply and fitting of all types of engines. Upon dismantling the vehicle's engine, if additional repairs be found, the Company reserves the right to increase the contract price, or if, during the period between preparing the quote and completing the work, the cost to the Company increases. However, during the progress of the work, if any material's price cause exceed in quote, the Company will obtain permission from the Customer to continue the work. If the vehicle is left on the Company's premises, a storage charge may be applied.

3. In case of cancellation, the Customer will be liable to pay the Company all the expenses, charges or the costs incurred by the Company up until. The Company will not accept the cancellation until unless all the sums due have been paid but the Customer.

4. Apex Engines endeavors to complete repairs by the date and time requested, but if any delay, resulting from any cause beyond the control of the Company, the Company will not accept responsibility and cannot be held responsible for the delay.

5. For any reason, if the work requested by the Customer is not carried out in full, a reasonable amount may be charged by the Company for the work done and the cost of the parts fitted and supplied.

6. Any used or reconditioned engine supplied is priced on exchange basis, thus the broken engine from Customer's vehicle will be the property of the Company and should be returned to the Company.

7. On collection, any engine, fitting and/or any additional charges owned by the Customer must be paid for in full to the Company. Any agreed upon delivery charges that may incur on delivering the vehicle to Customer's address – if the Customer agree to have it delivered – must be paid in full upon delivery.

8. Any used or reconditioned engine supplied will remain the property of Apex Engines until the cost of reconditioned engine, fitting work, tow, repair and storage have been paid in full and the left out payment by the Customer has been cleared.

9. All the written notices to the Customer shall take effect 24 hours after being issued and dispatched by the Company in the normal course of mail delivery to the invoice address.

10. While the vehicle is in Company's custody for engine supply and fit service, the Company shall take reasonable care of it. The Company will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any business goods, personal property or vehicle accessories left in the vehicle. The Company strongly urges the Customers to remove all valuables not related to the vehicle prior to commencing repair works.

11. The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage occasioned by release of the vehicle to person(s) duly authorized by the Customer to settle the account outstanding for goods, tow, repair or storage provided and to have possession of the vehicle.

12. In accordance with the applicable statutory rights at the time of supply or repair, the Company warrants all parts fitted to the vehicle. The Company warrants its work for a 6000 miles or a period of 6 months, whichever occurs sooner, from the date of completion of the work. The Company shall not – in any circumstances – be liable for any damages afterwards.


13. A claim under this Warranty shall not allow the Customer to refuse payment or cancel the claim. This warranty shall not apply where:

The defect or fault is attributable to defective materials supplied by third parties, the Customer's only remedy will be against that third party;

The vehicle has been used for record attempts, street racing or any sort of competitions, other than private or commercial use;

The damage to the vehicle has been done by any subsequent accident;

The vehicle has been damaged by wear and tear or been abused in any way, rust caused by neglect, or failure to maintain in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

14. The other conditions should not be affected by the invalidity of these conditions.

15. All warranty period for the purchased unit(s) will start on the invoice date of purchase and will finish at the end of the period specified on warranty invoice.

16. All warranties hold a nontransferable status, thus the warranty is available only to the original purchaser of the unit, not the third party.

17. A person who is not party to this Contract shall have not right to enforce any term of this Contract under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) act 1999. This clause does not affect any right of any person or remedy any person which is available or exists otherwise that pursuant to that Act.

18. If, for any reason, you need to make a claim, please contact us through e-mail or by phone first. Let us know of the problem you are having and we will advise you on how to resolve it.

19. For the inspection, full service records must be retained at all times, and in the event of a warranty claim, they will be required.

20. This warranty will not cover any breakdown, damage or defect caused by collision, misuse or negligence.

21. As a result of fair wear and tear if repair is necessitated, this warranty will not apply to it.

22. If false or fraudulent report is given, or any material facts are withheld under this warranty, it will become void and any amounts may have been paid under this warranty by Apex Engines, shall become repayable forthwith.

23. The vehicle owner is liable to pay the costs of maintenance items including but not limited to lubricants, oils, filters, antifreeze, elements, belts, and clutches and any additional items replace during warranty repairs.

24. This warranty is effective and valid only in full compliance with all Terms and Conditions.

25. For engines, engine block, cylinder head and all internal components are covered under this warranty. Diesel pump, water pump, timing components or any other components that happen to be affixed to the unit does not fall under this warranty.

26. Unless the procedure is followed accordingly, the Company shall not be held responsible for any claims.

27. If any mechanical fault should occur on the unit supplied, the Apex Engines warranty will cover it.

28. This covers the engine block and cylinder head assembly only and does not cover claims of consequential losses or rental cars.

29. If you put on any additional aftermarket "high performance" parts on your vehicle, it will void the warranty.

30. As each vehicle is different and every claim has its own factors that must be taken into consideration, thus all warranty claims are dealt with on an individual basis. After being notified of a fault, we try to handle claims as quickly as possible, striving to have them all completed within a reasonable time.

31. This warranty only covers the vehicle used on public metalled roads, but if the vehicle is used on off-road trails, race or speeding, competition or in marine situations, the warranty is not applicable. If, for any reason, this vehicle is to be used for towing purpose, then it must only be carried out within the manufacturer's recommendations.


32. If a Customer makes any claim, it will be restricted to the maximum value of the invoice charged, any labour charges or any consequential losses arising directly or indirectly from this transaction will not be the liability of the Company.

33. In order for a claim to be made, you will need:

To let us know of the problem by contacting us via e-mail or telephone

Have a claim form sent to you by e-mail

Return the claim form to us for review after filling it out

Normally it takes 48 hours to review the claim, once it is reviewed, one of our staff will contact you to inform you of what has been authorised.

34. Vehicle must come back after 1000 miles for interim service and over all check failure to return can void the warranty.

35. We do not cape liability of dash board display engine management, dpf, coolent, abs, airbag light etc.

36. We do not cover if engine get extremely overheated.

37. If vehicle goes to third party for engine check can void the warranty.

38. Vehicle comes in first place non runner if the work done on engine if something else not working properly we are not responsible.

Statutory Rights and Law

39. The Contract shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

40. Any proceedings whereby one party might be entitled to join the other as a third party will also be dealt according to the English Law.