Kia Sportage Engine Codes to Help You Find Your Vehicle

Make Model Engine Code Valves Actual CC Power kw / hp Year Range Action
Kia Sportage D4EA 16 1991 83 kw / 113 hp 1994-continue
Kia Sportage D4EA-F 16 1991 103 kw / 140 hp 1994-continue
Kia Sportage D4EA-V 16 1991 103 kw / 140 hp 1994-continue
Kia Sportage D4FD-L 16 1685 85 kw / 116 hp 1994-continue
Kia Sportage D4HA 16 1995 100 kw / 136 hp 1994-continue
Kia Sportage RF 8 1998 61 kw / 83 hp 1994-continue

Top Quality Engines for your Kia Sportage, Used & Reconditioned Stock

Kia Sportage is known for its economical and sturdy performance and hardly anything goes wrong with its engines. However, if you ever require a working used or reconditioned Kia Sportage engine and are struggling to find one. Apex Engines can be the answer to your prayers. We have huge stock of used and reconditioned Kia Sportage engines available of all years and models at affordable prices.

Kia Sportage was introduced in in 1993 and is classified as a compact crossover SUV. It’s a great family-oriented SUV that provide a great range of efficient and sufficient engines, excellent build quality, smooth driving experience and more than enough interior space. It is one of the best-selling offering from the Korean company that is going strong enough to earn the right of going through five generations up until now.

Range of Engines for Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage has constantly evolved in the engine department and throughout the years, with every new generation, there has always been a new wave of petrol and diesel engines that came with it.

First generation only started with 2 choices of 2.0 litre petrol engines and a single diesel engine. The second generation was more recognized and with 2.0 litre Beta and Delta petrol versions and 2.0 litre D CRDI diesel engine.

Third generation of Kia Sportage was launched in 2010 in multiple markets around the world and there was a dramatic rise in the engine line up as well. There were 5 different petrol engines that included 1.6 Gamma GD, 2.0 Theta II MPi, 2.0 Theta II T, 2.4 theta II MPi, and 2.4 Theta II GD. Diesel engines included 1.7 L U CRDi and 2.0 R CRDi.

Fourth generation Kia Sportage brought more advanced and fuel-efficient engines that included 1.6 L Gamma GDi I4, 1.6 L Gamma T-GDi I4, 2.0 L Nu MPi I4, 2.0 L Nu GDi I4, 2.0 L Theta II T-GDi I4, 2.4 L Theta II MPi I4, 2.4 L Theta II GDi I4 and there were 3 diesel options such as 1.6 L Smartstream D1.6 CRDi I4, 1.7 L U II CRDi I4, 2.0 L R II CRDi I4. Fourth generation was considered most successful in terms of technology and sales.

Fifth generation of Kia Sportage supported petrol hybrid and petrol plug in hybrid engines that brought low emissions and high performance with increased efficiency. Those engines included 1.6 L Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi I4, 2.0 L Smartstream G2.0 MPi I4, 2.5 L Smartstream G2.5 GDi I4 and the petrol hybrids included 1.6 L Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi 48V I4, 1.6 L Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi HEV I4. There was also plug in hybrid option of 1.6 L Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi PHEV I4 and 2 improved diesels that included 1.6 L Smartstream D1.6 CRDi I4, 2.0 L Smartstream D2.0 CRDi I4.

Huge Stocks of Kia Sportage Engines at Apex Engines

We stock used and reconditioned Kia engines of all generations and models and provide robust and working engines at cheapest online prices. Our engines are sourced from trusted and verified sellers and once in our workshop, we run test the engines and make sure every engine is in perfect running condition. For recondition engines we take the engine apart and replace any suspect parts with brand new replacement parts. A reconditioned engine is as good as a new one when it comes to reliability and performance.

Finding the engine online at our website is super easy. All you need to do is to enter the essential details such as make, model, engine size, year of manufacturing and mention the part that you require. Our system automatically recognizes the engine that is suitable for your vehicle and you can get a working engine at great price.

If for any reason we cannot provide the required engine from our stock then we can rebuild the same engine to the standards that it would be the same as new engine when it comes to performance and reliability.

Apex Engines Assure Savings and Satisfaction

Since every engine that is sold on our portal or at our workshop is sourced and checked by our experts. We provide limited warranty with our engines that depends on the price and condition of the engine. This warranty gives peace of mind and encouragement to come back for more business to our customers.

You can surely save around 60% when you purchase a used or reconditioned engine from us when you compare the prices with brand new engines that you would otherwise pay at dealership. You can avail extra 10% savings when our festive sales are on during the festive periods.

Fast Delivery Service and Pick up

Not everyone has free time in abundance in their life and sometimes it is hard to travel all the way to either collect the engine or drop off your vehicle. We recognize that and have brought a fast and reliable delivery service that assures quick delivery to your doorstep.

We can pick up your vehicle from your specified address and bring it to our workshop and get it fixed. Once fixed and checked, we can leave the vehicle at your doorstep.

You only get to know the difference that we make once you book the services yourself.

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