Hyundai Tucson Engine Codes to Help You Find Your Vehicle

Make Model Engine Code Valves Actual CC Power kw / hp Year Range Action
Hyundai Tucson D4EA 16 1991 83 kw / 113 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson D4EA-F 16 1991 88 kw / 120 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson D4EA-V 16 1991 92 kw / 125 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson D4FD 16 1685 85 kw / 116 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson D4HA 16 1995 100 kw / 136 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G4FD 16 1591 96 kw / 130 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G4FJ 16 1591 130 kw / 176 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G4GC 16 1975 102 kw / 139 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G4KC 16 2359 119 kw / 162 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G4NA 16 1999 110 kw / 150 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G4NC 16 1999 120 kw / 163 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G6BA 24 2656 123 kw / 167 hp 2004-continue
Hyundai Tucson G6BA-G 24 2656 121 kw / 165 hp 2004-continue

Replacement Hyundai Tucson Engines, Compare Online Rates

Family oriented drivers now prefer SUVs instead of state cars. SUVs provide extended safety and plenty of space. Best of all they give you freedom to drive anywhere on any type of surface. Practicality and off-road abilities are the standout features. Hyundai Tucson is the global best seller for the company for good reasons. Its an SUV that is competitively priced and goes toe to toe with some of the best brands when it comes to quality, technology, practicality, performance and durability. If you are looking for a replacement engine for your Hyundai Tucson then Apex Engines should be a great help. We provide robust and working used and reconditioned Hyundai Tucson engines for affordable prices.

Its exterior has recently received a complete make over and the vehicle is provided with ultra-modern looks including a futuristic grill that incorporates front lights within the grill. Body has received new curves and lines and the back lights are as modern as the rest of the exterior. You can also opt from a range of alloy wheels options.

The positive change continues in the exterior as well as the whole exterior is brand new. Quality material is used all around and it gives expensive feel. There are multiple screens including a sharp infotainment system and a digital cluster screen for the driver. There are many steering controls and driving aids included as standard in the vehicle. Space inside the vehicle is generous and not only there is enough leg room for the front seat occupants but there is plenty of space for the rear seats too. There is huge space available at the boot as well where you can fit about 8 travel cases. More over you can even get the floor adjusted to gain a little bit extra space.

Engine Choices Available in United Kingdom

Interestingly, there are no diesel engines on offer in United Kingdom but it was given extensive output choices with their 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine. Entry level starts from 1.6 T-GDi 150 that is capable of producing 148 bhp. There is mild hybrid technology attached with it that provide an additional 48 volt. It can do 0-60 mph in 10.3 seconds and the speed can be increased if you opt for the seven-speed dual clutch automatic.

Another version is the 178 bhp producing T-GDi 180 48 Volt MHEV version. It is capable of doing 0-62 mph in 9.0 seconds flat and get mild hybrid technology to help with acceleration and economy.

Further up the range is the 227 bhp full hybrid 1.6 T-GDi 230 Hybrid. When you are stuck in heavy traffic, its stop start technology coupled with tis hybrid technology provide short bursts for leisurely electric driving. The combination of hybrid and petrol engine makes it a powerhouse as it can do 0-60 mph in mere 6.8 seconds. Those times could be even better if the six-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox was able to handle the power surge better.

Those who like to drive a car with abundance of power, there is 1.6 T-GDi plug in Hybrid model that provides 261 bhp and four-wheel drive. It has the capacity of doing 38 miles on electric drive alone. It can accelerate from 0-62 mph in mere 8 seconds and gives you the top speed of 120 mph.

Ride and Handling of Tucson

You can either call it sporty or harsh but the ride quality is not what you experience in its competitors. You feel the potholes and ridges and wish for a more comforting ride quality. There is also sufficient body role to make you worry about the stability of the vehicle. The body roll is multiplied when you go with plug in hybrid engines that are relatively heavier or when you are on 19-inch alloys.

However, its not all bad as you can not call the ride quality uncomfortable. Its just not as comfortable as its rivals. If you get smaller 17-inch wheels, you can bring in noticeable difference in the ride quality. There is hardly any road noise or vibration in the vehicle and it is smooth as silk in that respect. Handling is good and flowing as long as you do not handle it harshly.

Hyundai Tucson is a great vehicle for those who appreciate interior space and practicality. The engines are efficient and pack enough power to pull the vehicle with ease. Hybrid technology is fuel saver while providing extra umph for acceleration and power options transfer seamlessly.

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